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Plug-ins for Eclipse to support editing, running, debugging, and testing the GOAL Agent Programming Language and related KR languages

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GOAL requires Java 7 or up.

  1. Install Eclipse: If you do not have Eclipse (Neon.1 for Java Developers) installed yet, download an installer and run it.
  2. Start Eclipse: If prompted, select a workspace directory. Note that special characters in the path of this directory are not recommended.
  3. Add a link to the GOAL repository: In the Eclipse menu, select Help > Install New Software > Add to add a new repository (with any name you like) using the following URL:
  4. Install the GOAL Plugin: Select the GOAL Agent Programming field (make sure 'Group items by category' is enabled), click Next and follow the installation steps. During installation, ignore (accept) any warnings about unsigned content.
  5. Restart Eclipse: Restart when the installation is done (you will be prompted).

After having installed the plug-in, the GOAL Perspective will be available. Switch Eclipse to this perspective for the first time through Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other > GOAL


The GOAL Programming Guide introduces the GOAL agent programming language itself; it explains how to develop GOAL agent programs.

The GOAL-Eclipse User Manual explains how to install and use the GOAL plug-in for the Eclipse IDE.

There is a list of supported SWI Prolog operators in GOAL available as well.

There are also two instruction videos below.

Automatic Failure Detection for Cognitive Agents

Click on this image to view a demonstration of the automated testing framework integrated in the GOAL Agent Programming plug-in for Eclipse:

GOAL-Eclipse Testing

Relevant source code:

Test framework

Source-Level Debugging of Cognitive Agents

Click on this image to view a demonstration of the GOAL Agent Programming plug-in for Eclipse with a focus on debugging:

GOAL-Eclipse Debugging

Relevant source code:

GOAL core integration

Eclipse plug-in


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